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alisia avatar 1:00 PM on 03.20.2017  (server time)
5 Common Mistakes When Choosing a Domain Name

People make some common mistakes while choosing the domain name. You could be asking yourself where you went wrong while choosing your domain name in 2016. This article strives to explain the common mistakes that people make while choosing domain names. You will discover that you can avoid some of these errors while choosing your domain name this year and in future. 

The Domain Name you chose did not pass the “radio taste” or was too hard to Spell

You should ask yourself whether someone will be able to spell your domain name with a lot of ease. Suppose someone hears your domain name on the radio or you tell him at the bar. Did you ask yourself the chances that he will spell it correctly?
It is tricky for someone to remember and spell correctly those domain names that have missing letters or cute spellings. The best way to tell if your domain name passes this test is to call five people and read out your domain name. Check whether they can spell it correctly and recall it in future.

There was an incredible episode on NBC’s 30 Rock that made a lot of fun of those websites names that sound something different from what they mean. You need to be keen to ensure that the domain name you choose is simple and reflects what it represents. Learn from the mistakes you made in 2016 and correct them going forward.

Your Domain Name Says a Very Different Thing from the Services You Offer

What your domain name tells visitors could be another mistake you should have done while choosing your domain name in 2016. Domain names like and may sound good for a therapist dictionary and art site. However, changing the capitalization of these domain names will make them communicate a very different message. Go through those domain names and see what they could reflect if you make the said changes.

Therefore, make sure your domain name says what the service is all about. You may get to the extreme as you try to be unique with your domain name. Choose domain name that communicates a different thing will mislead your visitors. They will get to the website and discover that it is not what they want. On the contrary, those looking for you may find it hard to trace your online presence because you sound differently. Make sure the name you use can make someone locate you through the search engine with a lot of ease. 

In future, ensure that the domain name communicates what it should say if you want to be on the safe side. The amount of traffic on your site could be small because the domain name is not precise. You could also record a massive traffic that does not add any value to your operations because the domain name misled them. It is meaningless to have a lot of traffic that you cannot convert into business. 

The Domain Name you chose had a Trademark Problem

Another mistake is that you selected a domain name that infringes on the trademark of another company. The domain name may appear to be very creative, yet there is another one that closely relates to it. The problem could be worse if the other business that uses a similar domain name offers the same service. You don’t have to take anything for granted as some of these things usually occur as a coincidence. The challenge with the law is that ignorance is not a defense.

You can also go through the search engine and avoid any domain name that resembles that of another corporation. You don’t want to register a domain name that the service provider will deactivate at some point due to trademark issues. Make sure you are vigilant from the beginning to avoid such mistakes in future. 

The Domain Name you Chose Makes Use of a Country Code Domain that is not global

Hope you have come across some domain names that end with .co .tv or .io. These two letter domain represent the country code domain names. You will discover that each of these domains is assigned to a particular country. For example, .co is for Colombia, .tv is for Tuvalu and .lo for the British India Ocean Territory.

Several websites that are not from these specific countries make use of some of these domain names. Google treats them in the same way it treats other generic domain names like .com as it figures out the target location of the site.

However, Google treats some country codes as geographic indicators. For example, you should not use the .uk domain if you are not targeting the people of the United Kingdom. How you choose the country code can mislead your visitors in a great way. You can avoid repeating the same mistake if you made it in the past.

The Domain name you chose has a Double Meaning

You will agree to the fact that the world is full of slang which even makes it hard for kids to keep up. Make sure you choose a domain name that does not have a different meaning in a foreign language or slang. You can check out the for the latest development in slang.

You may find some negative comments on your site just because the visitor got lost. The domain name you select plays a critical role in ensuring that your best site is highly visible to the right audience. You need to take some time to make a decision on the domain name you will use. You could have made some of these mistakes in 2016, but you can rectify them from 2017 going forward. The purpose of this article is to assist you to make informed decisions while choosing your domain name.

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